Erika + Steven | Dana Point Engagement Session

It’s always so fun meeting clients for their engagement sessions– especially when I know they’ve excitingly been looking forward to it for months!  From the first time I met with Erika and Steven at their consultation, Erika told me how excited she was for the engagement session!  So after months of planning and anticipation, the day finally arrived.  I met Erika and Steven for their session at Dana Point.  My jaw dropped when I saw them come out of their car!  They looked uh-mazing! And they even brought a long a little picnic for them to enjoy during their session!  I LOVE when clients bring in little props and personal items to incorporate into their sessions!  We started the session by setting up their picnic in a grassy area, and then moved to the rocks on the beach for the remainder of the session.  It was such a fun-spent afternoon with these two, and it was great being able to catching up with them about their lives as a Pediatric Doctor and Nurse.  Steven and Erika are so full of fun and joy and I can’t wait for their wedding in April!

How they met:

“We first met when we were in nursing school and residency, respectively.  After a chance encounter, we swapped numbers and started texting each other all the time about work/school.  We then had dinner together and bonded over our experiences in the medical field.  From then on, we started meeting each weekend to study as well as go someplace interesting, like Santa Monica and San Juan Capistrano.  Finally, one day when we were lounging at the beach, I asked her to be my girlfriend.  We have since become such integral parts of each others’ lives that we can’t even imagine life without the other now!”

Steven, what is your favorite quality about Erika: 

“My favorite thing is that she is supportive and a great listener.  She is approachable and available every day, a companion who helps me get by day to day.”

Erika, what is your favorite quality about Steven:

“I love how positive he is. He is really funny, really happy, and really energetic all the time.  He brightens up my life.”

The Proposal Story:

Steven:  “I invited Erika and her friends out to an Escape Room puzzle.  The premise of the puzzle was that we were thieves breaking into a bank vault.  W were given flashlights and had to navigate a series of pitch-black rooms to find clues and solve puzzles in order to open a series of combination locks that would lead us to the final bank vault.  Beforehand, I had the staff place the engagement ring inside the final safe.  After nearly an hour of teamwork and puzzle solving, we crack open the final safe.  I immediately reached in, grabbed the ring, got down on my knee, and proposed to her right there in the darkness, surrounded by the lights of her friends.  It was such a memorable afternoon, as that was the first time any of us had done an Escape Room puzzle, and the fact that I proposed made it all the more unforgettable for the two of us.  We all had fun there, but it was whole different level of amazing for the two of us!”


Erika:   “Steven invided my friends and I to an escape room puzzle in Fullerton.  At the time, I had just graduated from nursing school, and we were looking for an apartment together that day, so I had a lot of things on my mind.  For the escape room, we were supposed to be thieves breaking into a bank vault in the middle of the night.  The whole place was dark and we had tosearch the rooms using headbands with flashlights on them.  We all had to find tricky clues and use them to open the locks to get into different bank vaults and safes, which would lead us to further clues.  Finally, we got top open the last safe.  I saw it was full of fake cash and diamonds, but I didn’t even notice Steven reaching in and grabbing the ring.  I was so surprised by the whole thing and didn’t think he was planning something like this.  But then he was suddenly on his knee asking me to marry him.  I SAID YES!”

To Erika and Steven:

Thank you so much for spending an evening with me, climbing over rocks, getting caught by waves on the shore, and walking around Dana Point with me!  I had such a great time with both of you.  You both have such kind hearts and joyful spirits.  You’re adorable together and I can’t wait for April!!! Enjoy your photos!  xo, Ali

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